Q. What is GDPR?

A. GDPR is an acronym which stands for General Data Protection Regulation, it sets out guidelines governing the collection and processing of personal data of individuals in the EU.

Q. How does GDPR affect me?

A. GDPR is designed to ensure that businesses in the EU are using your personal data correctly in a way that has been permitted by you. It asks businesses to disclose what personal data they keep, and how it is collected, retained, used and destroyed. As an individual you will be asked to give permission for the use of your personal data even if you have previously given this.

Q. Do I need to do anything?

A. Businesses are now required to ask your permission to use specific personal information. You should be asked to give this permission at the point of data collection. You also have the right to change or delete any personal information that a business stores.

Q. How do I change my data preferences?

A. If you would like to change or update the information in your account you can login here: https://www.metrol.com/customer/account/login. You can also email your request to Metrol using the email address: [email protected] and we will endeavour to process your request within 24hrs. You can also call us on 01604 499 332.

Q. How long will Metrol keep my data?

A. By law we have to keep records of your purchases for 7 years. If and when you create an account with us, this data is stored indefinitely until the account is closed.

Q. Can I delete my data myself?

A. You are entitled to view, amend, or delete the personal information that we hold. Email your request to Metrol using the email address: [email protected] and we will process your request within 24hrs. You can also call us on 01604 499 332.

Q. Where is my data stored?

A. Your data is stored in both paper format and digital format in a secure location at Metrol Springs. The digital format is electronically backed up to a primary, and secondary secure data centre in the UK.

Q. How will my data be used?

A. If you have purchased from us, or set up an account with us, we keep your data for our own records, to help us send your orders and to contact you if we need to update your information or your order. If you have subscribed to a newsletter, your name and email address will be used to send this newsletter to you.

Q. Will Metrol pass on my data to third parties?

A. Metrol Springs Ltd is committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of visitors to our website. We will not sell, rent or trade any personal information, including email addresses, to other businesses.



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