Metrol Nitro Springs - FAQ

Metrol Springs Ltd provides a complete range of press tool gas springs, connectors and control parts from stock.

What are Nitro Springs?
Nitro Springs is the brand name for our complete range of press tool gas springs.
Unlike a typical metal spring, a gas spring is encased in a cylinder filled with compressed gas. By compressing the spring with the use of gas and a piston, Nitro Springs can exert greater strength than standard springs.

How gas springs work
In physics terms, Force = Pressure x Area.
Therefore, by compressing nitrogen into the cylinder surrounding the spring, Nitro Springs work by making this internal pressure greater than the external pressure surrounding the spring. This difference in pressure consequently creates an outward force on the rod which encourages the gas spring to expand.

When in movement – either expansion or contraction of the rod – the gas within the Nitro Spring cylinder is passed through a small hole within the mechanism which lets the nitrogen be displaced from one side of the cylinder to the other, allowing greater control when the gas spring is in use.

Where are gas springs used?
?  Automobiles
?  Press Tools
?  Furniture
?  Medical
?  Aerospace
?  Firearms
?  Industrial machines
?  Doorways 

How can gas springs be used?
?  Support an object in position
?  Aid controlled movement

Our different types of Nitro Spring
?  Mini Nitro Springs – originally designed to replace die springs, these are available in 19, 24.9 and 32mm diameters and 4 pre-set pressures.
?  EX Nitro Springs – our most powerful, compact rod sealed gas springs
?  ISNG Nitro Springs – in compliance with ISO11901, this range is the optimum design for gas spring durability.
?  HDG Nitro Springs – a compact design created to give maximum force for the cylinder diameter. Due to their force, these are ideal press tool gas springs.
?  MX Nitro Springs – combining the EX range with our ISNG collection, our MX gas springs are our most powerful spring with a wider choice of stroke lengths. 
?  DSNG Nitro Springs – the greener, energy efficient solution to Die separation. 
?  RSNG Nitro Springs – this range can be retro-fitted in place of standard ISO springs 



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