Gas Strut End Fittings used in Gear Box Linkages

Gas Strut End Fittings used in Gear Box Linkages

Gas strut end fittings are crucial for securely connecting gas struts to applications. Recent innovations reveal that these fittings have capabilities beyond their original purpose. Initially designed to securely attach, align, distribute loads, and improve safety in applications such as automobiles and furniture, their versatility has made them invaluable across a wide range of industries, including automotive. Their significance lies not only in their fundamental role but also in their adaptability to diverse scenarios, making them essential across various applications. 


Why end fittings?

End fittings can be a suitable option for this application which improves the functionality of the gearbox in multiple ways. When selecting end fittings for a gearbox, considerations such as the type of bearing supporting the gearbox linkage, reducing friction and wear, and ensuring proper alignment of rotating parts come into play. The design of end fittings allows them to seamlessly integrate with other gearbox components in the Vehicle. Additionally, end fittings are a cost-effective solution compared to alternative methods. Factors like manufacturing, assembly, and maintenance costs can influence the decision to use end fittings in the gearbox linkage.

One of our customers was working on a supercar project, and when the time came to working on the gearbox, he realised that using end fittings turned out to be the perfect solution to make the gearbox move smoothly. Gears need to move sideways and , requiring a mechanism for smooth movement to ensure they engage effectively with the gearbox. This unique application highlights how end fittings can adapt to different mechanical setups. The direct contact of the linkage with the top and bottom of the gearbox allows for seamless gear positioning, ensuring optimal performance and precision in transmission mechanics.

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