How can Gas Springs give your Application the Competitive Edge?

How can Gas Springs give your Application the Competitive Edge?

Gas springs offer a number of significant advantages for applications requiring lift, counterbalance, damping, tensioning, clamping, ejection, anti-vibration and safety-overload.

Gas springs have been used in industry for many years. However, the emergence of their value in new heavy-duty industrial applications is revolutionising how engineers can apply force within their designs.

Increased Demand and New Technology

Metrol SAS Gas Springs has evolved from the technology we have developed and used in the metal stamping industry for over 35 years.

The increasing demands on gas springs for performance and longevity whilst working in ever-challenging applications has provided a catalyst to developing new products where new processes, techniques and materials are used to prevent gas spring degradation.

contaminated gas springs

High cycle speeds, long production runs, fluid and dust contamination and the requirement for longevity in the millions of cycles has driven technical advancement to new levels.

The Advantages of Gas Springs

Gas springs have a number of technical advantages over traditional methods of generating force through hydraulics, pneumatics, actuators or wire springs, including;

  • High force in less space
  • High force on contact
  • Built-in damping for controlled movement
  • Stored energy, gas springs do not require a power source
  • Work as independent units, Gas Springs do not require hoses, actuators or pumps
  • Pressure can be monitored and adjusted
  • Long cycle life with the ability to overhaul
  • Can be designed to work in a range of highly contaminated and corrosive environments

By utilising these technical gains, gas springs could give your product a competitive edge. Metrol SAS gas springs are now used in a wide range of industries including, Agriculture, Automation, Automotive, Defence, Food Processing, Industrial Machinery, Marine / Offshore / Subsea, Mining / Drilling and Transportation.

High-quality Gas Strut Products from Metrol

Metrol Springs are part of the Lesjofors Group with a full UK manufacturing facility. Our team covers the whole process from initial design and concept to development, prototype, testing, and finally, full production.

large custom gas struts

We work closely with our clients to guarantee every detail is covered every step of the way. You can be assured of satisfaction and confidence in Metrol as a key supplier and partner.

If you’d like to find out more about our products or have any questions, please contact us, call us directly on +44(0)1604 499 332 or email [email protected].