Jack's garden


Metrol Springs are honoured to help the upcoming ITV show Love your Garden in their redevelopment of WW2 veteran, Jack Parrott’s back garden. Jack is described as "a hero" for his effort towards liberating France during the Second World War. Jack served in the British Army as a despatch rider throughout WW2 and in December 2018 was awarded the Legion D’Honneur for his bravery and commitment during the liberation.

Jack and his wife of 67 years, Margaret have a small back garden they love to tend to. Over the years the compact garden has become a struggle for Jack and Margaret to manouver around in. With a love for gardening Jack has crafted a makeshift potting shed to remove his need to bend down while potting plants.

ITV’s garden show, Love your Garden approached us to acquire a set of gas struts to assist the couple in opening a scooter storage shed the show have manufactured for them. We were more than happy to help, providing the components as a token of our gratitude towards Jack for his efforts during the war. Our small token of thanks allowed the show to invest more of their budget into the more delicate and beautiful parts of the garden both Jack and Margaret love to sit down and admire during their days together.