Now available: Mechanical Locking Struts



Mechanical locking struts have a unique mechanism which allows the strut to be either locked in the fully extended position, or the fully compressed position.


Locking in the fully extended position eliminates the need for additional locking tubes. The mechanical lock will keep the rod fully extended if the gas struts should lose pressure. The other advantage is that if the strut is used to raise an object to a certain level that may then have an additional load added to it, the strut will remain locked in the fully extended position.


Mechanical locking struts are available with a side release valve for adjusting in-situ. They are also available in stainless steel, however some components are diecast so offer limited corrosion resistance, and may not be suitable in marine or highly corrosive environments.


You can find them on Page 42 in our latest gas strut catalogue found here.