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Reduced Shock Gas Springs

Another batch of Metrol’s patented RSNG gas springs ready for shipping.

Metrol - more than just service!

When a set of springs fail then the first question we ask is why. Our usual service had the springs collected, overhauled and returned within 5 hours to have the customers tool back running production.

Full 316 Stainless Steel Gas Spring

Metrol Springs offer a range of gas springs designed to work in the most demanding environments including marine, offshore and subsea.

Metrol Nitrogen Spring Ejectors - MNE

High force long life ejector nitrogen gas springs manufactured in the UK by Metrol.

The new range of Agathon's mini RFC units

Agathon has just released the 7980/1 range of RFC units which comprise of the mini fine centering device. This RFC unit can be used on interchangeable mold inserts which will dramatically cut down on changeover times

Metrol's MCP control panels: multiplying efficiency

Our Multiple Control Panels allow for the connection of several gas spring systems to just one control panel, with each system even having total access to its own dedicated pressure gauge.

New CAD library launched at Metrol

We are delighted to announce that our new gas spring product information pages have just been launched, with the aim of collating an extensive range of specifications, technical drawings, and CAD files.

Finalist for 2019 SME Business Innovation award

Metrol Springs is proud to announce their position of being shortlisted as a finalist for the renowned 2019 SME award for Business Innovation, we are joined by 13 other businesses in the same category so competition is fierce.

Recharging your manufacturing capability

Every gas spring that is shipped from Metrol is fully charged, cycled, load checked and dimensionally checked.

New Gas Spring Catalogue Launched

Metrol is delighted to announce the launch of our new and exciting gas-spring catalogue.

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