From Concept To Finished Article

From Concept To Finished Article

Metrol Springs DMC 2018 Exhibition Stand


Recently we posted the concept designs of our stand for the upcoming China Mould and Die exhibition 2018. Paul, one of the Directors here at Metrol, travelled to China to supervise the final build. The image above shows we have the finished article assembled and ready for the crowds of the DMC2018 exhibition.


To start this process the stand layout is handed over to our engineer who builds the stand in 3D modelling software. Once this has been built, images of each side elevation are sent to our graphic designer who creates the graphics for each board of the stand.


Now that the stand is ‘dressed’, the design is sent over to the manufacturer who will work to fabricate the panels of the stand in accordance with the design.


As you can see, each board has been designed to showcase the range of both stock and bespoke gas springs. This year the selected ranges we will be showcasing are:


- Reduced Shock gas springs (RSNG)
- Die Separation gas springs (DSNG)
- Hot Stamping gas springs (HS)
- Custom made gas springs


The show is now in full swing and we’re already receiving positive feedback on our stand. If you are in China, come and say hello, we are stand number: 4-J136