New Struts Catalogue

New Struts Catalogue

Brand New Struts Catalogue


We have just released our new gas strut catalogue, you can download it here:


Inside you will find all the latest information for our expansive range of gas struts and accessories currently available. New to the catalogue:


Compression struts with 40mm and 50mm bodies
Traction struts
Pin Locking struts
Mechanical Locking struts
Pro-Line strut protection
Expanded range of end fittings and brackets
Pin locking release mechanisms and accessories
Stainless steel locking and protection tubes
Dust covers


Additionally, you can find all the information required to assist in purchasing the right gas strut for you, including:


Gas strut installation
Bracket fittings
Variable force adjustment
Top 5 FAQs
Optional features available for each strut


Within the new catalogue you will also have up to date codes and information on how to order bespoke gas struts. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have, or to simply place an order.