New CAD library launched at Metrol

New CAD library launched at Metrol

We are delighted to announce that our new gas spring product information pages have just been launched, with the aim of collating an extensive range of specifications, technical drawings, and CAD files. Our customers are now effectively able to navigate our whole product range quickly and at ease.

Moreover, some of our newest products, such as the Metrol range of SRS Secondary Wipers, Metrol's Hot Stamping gas springs, expansion tanks, and S24 hose systems can all be located within this new comprehensive section.

Metrol continues to endeavour towards reaching maximum environmental sustainability. Thus the new product information pages coincide with the release of the latest gas spring catalogue- all of which can be downloaded online, meaning you can forget wasted paper.

Digitalising and collating the gas spring range information is just the start of something exciting. Metrol is hoping to utilise this efficient system template for all Metrol product ranges.

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