Electronic Locking Hardware Components...

          Announcing Two new security hardware products featuring electronic locking technology;
          a ball bearing slide with an integrated lock and a standalone lock.

          These products offer the industry easy to install, yet advanced methods to secure and
          control access to openings in a wide range of industrial and cabinet hardware applications.

          Both components are compatible with a variety of activation methods and may be
          integrated into existing systems.


simple, all-in-one installation

low power consumption

reduces sourcing and inventory

stand alone or IT compatible

drop-in, upgrade product

multiple activation options

integrates with existing access control systems

RoHS compliant & CE certified

                                                                           A drawer slide with an integrated electronic lock

                                                        The DZ3832EL is full extension slide with an integrated
                                                        electronic locking mechanism. This compact product
                                                        eliminates the need to install add on locking
                                                        mechanisms - saving time and increasing productivity
                                                        while reducing components, sourcing time, and
                                                        inventory management. View PDF Datasheet

             Electronic door lock

         This is a stand-alone electronic lock that may be
         used to secure doors and other openings. This
         product includes an attached installation jig
         designed to locate the lock and catch positions to
         speed and simplify installation.

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