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With winter fast approaching and temperatures plummeting, now is the time to check you're ready for winter! Are your car's tailgate struts up to the job? Were they feeling a bit weak in summer?
As the chilly Arctic air gets a grip, all gas springs become weaker (cold gas reduces in volume thus pressure). If your boot & bonnet struts have only just been coping in the beautiful British Summertime then NOW is the best time to change them before you end up like poor Matt in this photo.
We offer a full range of replacement car gas struts and ordering is very simple on our web site, Just select the Make, Model and Year and we will show you the gas strut for your car. Fitting them is very simple just a case of unclipping the old one and clipping on the new one. Videos and Instructions are available should you require! 
Get yours today!  
Car Gas Struts From Metrol  
Don't let your car boot get the better of you this winter, fit a car gas strut from Metrol prices start at only £12.
Don't Panic, we did let Matt out of the boot once he had cooled down!!! 






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