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UK manufacturer of gas springs, Metrol Springs Ltd have invested in new laser marking systems for the permanent marking of Nitro-Spring products.
Permanent marking of gas springs is mandatory in accordance with PED97/23/EC (EU Pressure Equipment Directive). Laser marking replaces the old scribe marking systems, producing a clearer, well defined mark which will be clearly visible for the life of the cylinder. Laser marking also replaces the old stickered warning labels which can be removed or rubbed off during operation in a metal stamping environment.

Metrol Springs are also able to mark cylinders according to customer requirements, such as tool numbers, WDX codes etc.

Unique marking also identifies original Metrol cylinders, which have full traceability through the manufacturing process.

For more information, contact our sales team on: +44 (0)1604 499332
Alternatively, visit : www.metrol.com

Metrol Newsletter
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