nitro springs made in britain.


Metrol Gas Springs are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards to meet arduous demands of the metal stamping and press tool industry.

Modern manufacturing facilities using the latest in production and design technology, ensure consistent, high quality, long life gas springs that are competitively priced.

Our gas springs are covered by a comprehensive 2 year, 100,000 stroke metre guarantee.


gas springs

Originally designed to replace die springs, the Mini Nitro-Springs are a versatile range.
Mini Nitrogen Gas Springs


gas springs

The ISNG range is the optimum design for gas spring durability and conforms to the ISO11901 gas spring standard.
ISNG Range Nitrogen Gas Springs

RSNG Range Nitrogen Gas Springs

gas springs

Reduced force on contact and damped return stroke.
RSNG Range Nitrogen Gas Springs

DSNG Range Nitrogen Gas Springs

gas springs

After initial full cycle, only a few millimetres of the stroke is compressed at the bottom end of the spring’s travel on each press cycle.
DSNG Range Nitrogen Gas Springs


gas springs

The EX range is our most powerful, compact rod sealed gas spring.
EX Range Nitrogen Gas Springs


gas springs

The G-EX range is based upon the high tonnage compact EX range.
G-EX Range Nitrogen Gas Springs


gas springs

The MX range combines the force of the EX range in the envelope sizes of the full height ISNG range, providing a high force durable gas spring.
MX Range Nitrogen Gas Springs


gas springs

The HDG range is a compact bore sealed gas spring, giving maximum force for the cylinder diameter.
HDG Range Nitrogen Gas Springs



For Nitro-Spring piped systems, we use the latest Kevlar hoses which are flexible and durable allowing gas springs to be piped into restricted space dies.
Nitrogen Gas Springs Pipe Systems



Metrol Gas Springs fastening accessories.
Nitrogen Gas Springs Mounting Options


& Maintenance

Originally designed to replace die springs, the Mini Nitro-Springs are a versatile range. 
Nitrogen Gas Springs Charging & Maintenance
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