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Metrol specialises in the design and manufacturing of gas spring products. Our springs are designed to perform in the most demanding environments. This is achieved through our latest sealing technology, specialist materials, and protective finishes.

The statistics below reinforce the strength and longevity of our springs!

  • High Cycle Rates
    With cycles per minute rates up to 150 per minute.
  • Long life
    100,000 stroke metres standard seal life.
  • High Force
    With the option of bore and rod sealed springs, high forces of up to 20 tonnes can be achieved with compact springs.
  • Stroke range
    From 7mm up to 2000mm.
  • CE Marking & PED
    Metrol products conform to PED 2014/68/EU and we are able to manufacture and CE mark gas springs.


At Metrol’s facility based in Northampton we are able to complete the whole product process from transforming a concept into a design, prototyping, testing and then volume manufacturing.

This allows for unique bespoke designs that meet every customer’s individual requirements in such a short time.


Located centrally within the UK, our main office and manufacturing facility has seen significant investment over the years with the latest automated CNC machinery.

Bespoke automation and manufacturing systems give Metrol an efficiency to produce high quality innovative products at competitive prices that are demanded globally by our customers.


Metrol’s gas springs can be connected to a control panel, allowing for the adjustment and monitoring of pressure systems. Additionally, gas springs can be connected in series to ensure equal performance from each spring.

Metrol hose systems offer a high degree of flexibility and are o-ring sealed, providing leak free connections.

Gas spring pressure is indicated using either analogue or digital gauges. The digital gauge is also used for remote monitoring, as it alerts the user if the pressure drops.


Metrol’s Gas Springs are designed to be maintenance free during operation, however should the need arise, we offer a full service for testing, charging and overhaul. This can be carried out at our facility in Northampton, through our distributor network or by trained customer personnel, giving further extension of our long life products.

A full range of equipment is available from Metrol including training courses.