Why is Automation so Important in Manufacturing?

Why is Automation so Important in Manufacturing?

As a gas strut manufacturer and global exporter, it’s key that we continue to invest in the future of manufacturing. To us, this means using the latest machinery and working autonomously in order to remain competitive and meet the rising demand for our products.

In this blog, we’ll define automation and take a look at some benefits of working in a more agile way. We’ll also touch on machinery, robotics and how we’re investing in the future of manufacturing.

Defining Automation

Automation is the technique of making a process or system operate automatically. It is applied to the use of electronics and computer-controlled devices to assume control of processes.

While some may think of automation as replacing labour or the more manual aspects of jobs, we believe that it is boosting efficiency, advancing job functions and introducing key elements which allow us to work smarter.

The Advantages of Automation

Not only does automation allow you to work at normal capacity under most circumstances, but it shapes your business to work in a more agile way. Automation introduces transparency into streamlined processes which encourages accountability within your workforce and keeps all team members informed of ongoing projects.

By automating processes you can improve your overall efficiency, reduce costs and deliver greater compliance. You can also improve the visibility of processes through customisable dashboards which track KPIs and provide live insights.

Smart machinery and software can help you to maintain data and manage vendor contracts efficiently. Having access to this accurate information means that you can easily switch between processes, which has the effect of increasing employee productivity.

Advanced Machinery and Smart Technologies

At Metrol, our main office and manufacturing facility has seen significant investment over the years. CNC machinery, bespoke automation and manufacturing systems give us the capability to produce high-quality innovative products at competitive prices that are demanded globally by our customers.

In 1994, we invested in our first CNC machine. It allowed us to process materials to meet customer specifications by following a coded programmed instruction and without a manual operator.

Over our 37 year history, we’ve introduced many valuable machines, including a cutting edge twin spindle CNC lathe, automated laser marking and much more. The purchase of our £250k Robotic turning centre in 2013 gives us true lights out capability.

laser marker

In the last few years, we’ve introduced automated gas spring charging and testing, whilst capacity increased with a new twin gantry robotic loader from CMZ. The CMZ twin turret machine is part of our continual investment programme and will further increase our manufacturing capabilities at our Northampton facility

Take a look at the CMZ twin turret machine in operation

Producing High-quality Gas Struts and Springs

We’ve seen the benefits of investing heavily in automation, upskilling our employees and technology, which means we are positive about our vision for the future. Our philosophy has always been to make sure we do everything possible to get the parts to the customer on time.

cnc machine

We believe that our flexible working practices, proactive approach to solving customer issues and smart technologies are central to our success.

While our business has expanded into new products and markets, we have stayed ahead of the curve, investing in the right technology and even creating our own systems and software.

Today, Metrol is the UK’s largest manufacturer of gas springs and we’re extremely proud to export our quality British engineered and manufactured products around the world.


Here at Metrol Springs, we have the capability to meet requirements for single and bulk orders as one of the UK’s leading gas strut manufacturers. Please contact us to discuss your next project or call us directly on 01604 499332 and we’ll be happy to help.

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